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Festival Dates for 2019 are final!  Join us June 22 & 23.

Our goal each year is to celebrate Denver area community bands and highlight our Highlands Ranch community. We want an event where local bands can come show off their talent. We invite vendors that will benefit from our type of event to join us. The Highlands Ranch Concert Band uses this event as a fundraiser so that we can continue to offer free concerts.

Contact us at: festival email is currently not working) for more information.  The Festival Marketplace presents a variety of vendors, featuring artists and artisans, retail services, and a wide variety of foods to entice the family. Space is available for 50 or more vendors.

For booth fees, space sizes an other info please visit our 2019 Frequently asked questions

Applications and PayPal options

You are welcome to email or mail in your application.  You can use PayPal below to pay for your booth or you can send in a check.

2019 HRCB Electronic Vendor Package

2019 HRCB Mail In Vendor Package

Single booth fee for non-commercial vendors:

$110.00 by February 28

Single booth fee for commercial vendors: – these are vendors that don’t sell goods, but sell services that a customer needs to contact the company after the festival i.e. windows, solar, house painters, chiropractors, TV services

$150.00 by June 2

Double booth fee for non-commercial vendors:

$160.00 by February 28

Double booth fee for commercial vendors:

$200.00 by June 2

Sales Tax Information

As of 10/1/17: Colorado imposes a sales tax of 2.9% percent on retail sales transactions of 18 cents or more. Additionally, any other applicable local or special district taxes must be collected as well. Not all locations have the same local or special district tax. gives you all of the information you need to determine what taxes will need to be paid along with all of the forms you will need, specifically DR-0589 and DR-0098. is a good link to look up what the tax rate is in Highlands Ranch.

 State Sales Tax 2.9%

Douglas County 1.0%

Regional Transportation District 1.0%

Cultural District 0.1%

TOTAL of 5.0%

Sales tax forms

DR-0589 (Special Event License Application)

DR-0098 (Special Event Sales Tax Return)


How to Weight Your Tent

The location of the festival, Civic Green Park, does not allow stakes in the ground to help hold down your tent. This is a city ordinance that we cannot ignore. If you use stakes, your security deposit will be forfeit. Our suggestion is to use weights to hold down your tent.  Here are some pictures for your reference:

how to weight a tent how to weight a tent 2 how to weight a tent 1


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