Our Sponsors


We offer several different sponsorship packages.  Please contact us at sponsorship@hrconcertband.org for information about how you can become a sponsor.  You can also reach us at

PO Box 631253
Highlands Ranch, CO 80163

The Highlands Ranch Concert Band is a local community band that’s mission is for area professional and amateur musicians to provide quality, educational public concerts with a variety of musical literature; to promote an educational experience for both the musicians and the public attending the concerts; to provide band and ensemble musical arts and entertainment for this area; to provide education and entertainment experiences for the children of the region through collaborative performances and entertainment events, and to promote a spirit of community, thereby enhancing the quality of life in the region.

Each year we offer a Veterans Day concert to celebrate our nations armed service men and women. To help present this concert we invite a local elementary school choir to sing with us, along with Voices West, an adult choir from the area. We offer an annual Children’s concert with music that is specifically geared toward a younger audience. The conductor engages the children by having them come up to the stage and answer questions relating to the music and we invite the children to come up to the stage to conduct the group. The Highlands Ranch Music Arts Festival is a premier cultural event in Highlands Ranch. Residents of all ages attend to experience the talent our community has to offer. The event provides an inspirational, education experience for our children, at a time when cultural programs within our schools are in peril due to funding constraints. This program alone reaches 1500 attendees.

All of these concerts help us in supporting the mission of the Highlands Ranch Concert Band, a 501(c)3 organization, by promoting the arts and providing collaborative, educational performances and enhancing the quality life in our community.